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Vintage 4" Crackle Glazed Hand Painted Toby Jug (Made In Japan)

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Historical Perspective: Starting from the Meiji Restoration (1865) and continuing throughout much of the 1900s, Japan earnestly competed in the world market and often flooded Western markets with low-cost goods, causing much concern amongst American manufacturers. In a 1919 issue of the American Economist, a U.S. manufacturer argued, "Most skilled workers in American potteries, and some unskilled laborers, earn more in one hour than the highest paid Japanese pottery worker receives for a 12-hour day. Many factors have combined to make the American potter among the well paid skilled laborers. He is ambitious; in many cases, he owns his home, or at least, is buying it; he plans to educate his children, desires to obtain many of the joys of life for himself and his family. And to accomplish these things, especially with the cost of living soaring, he is paid a high wage. The Japanese pottery worker seems content to eke out an existence. Of course, his scale of wages precludes a standard of living comparable with that enjoyed by the American potter. But one of the striking lessons of this comparison of American and Japanese pottery workers' wage scale is the obvious necessity of Protection for American industries to enable plant owners to maintain the present scale of wages. One glance at the figures convinces the average person of the importance of a high Protective Tarriff, preventing the flooding of American markets with cheap-made foreign goods to be sold in competition with the high priced labor of the American potter." See "The Tarriff Review." American Economist, Volume 63, Number 23. 1919-06-6. p. 368.

Reference Number1238
Item ConditionPre-owned in very good condition. No cracks or chips. Please see pictures.
ThemeToby Jugs
Craft MediaPorcelain Figurines
Subject MatterWesterners
Original Box/PackagingNot included.
Measure 1Dimensions: 4"" (height) x 5"" (with handles) x 3.25"" (base diameter)""
Total Weight9 oz

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