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Five 3" Akita Shiraiwayaki Style Japanese Teacups by Waheegama (Kiln)

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There is a sentiment amongst the Japanese of the need to hold onto their heritage while it integrates into the international economy. Consequently, the Mingei movement was developed to revive lost Japanese crafts, many of which simply could not compete in the free market. As a part of the movement, the Wahee kiln revived Akita prefecture's Shiraiwa style cermamics, which had been refined during the 18th-19th. Today, the Wahee hand makes each peice with the utmost care and attention. They strive to create traditional pottery suited for the modern living.

Reference Number1252
Item ConditionPre-owned in excellent condition. No cracks, chips, or scratches. Please see pictures.
ThemeJapanese Folk Crafts
Japanese Pottery StyleShiraiwa Ware
Pottery KilnWahee Kiln
MerchandiseYunomi Tea Cup
Subject MatterWatermills
Original Box/PackagingNot included.
Measure 1Dimensions: 3" (height) x 2.5" (diameter)
Total Weight1 lbs 14 oz
Notes和 (Symbol for Wahee Kiln)

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