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Japanese Woodblock Ukiyo-e Print: Utagawa Hirokage. T.Sakai Guarantee. (c.1859)

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This ukiyo-e print depicts a comical scene from Kasumigaseki during the Edo Period. Today, Kasumigaseki is a key political location, accommodating most of Japan's cabinet ministers. However, during the Edo Period (1603-1868), it was mainly known for a station on a hill along the Oshu Kaido, one of five major highways connecting Edo (Tokyo) to other cities. As displayed in this print, the Kasumigaseki hilltop provided a wonderful view of Edo Bay.

Reference Number1341
Item ConditionPre-owned. Very good condition for age. Excellent impression. Some stains common for age. Please see detailed pictures.
ThemeJapanese Artists
Trading CompanyTsujiokaya Bunsuke
Woodblock Print GenreUkiyo-e Woodblock Prints
Woodblock Print ArtistUtagawa Hirokage
Art PrintWoodblock Printing
Subject MatterTokyo Bay
Original Box/PackagingNot included.
Measure 19.5" x 14"
NotesIn-block Signature of Utagawa Hirokage reading Hirokage ga (広景画) (see also "Utagawa Hirokage." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utagawa_Hirokage' retrieved 2014-10-24).
Title of ArtworkNo. 15, Distant View at Kasumigaseki
Artwork SeriesJoyful Events in Famous Places in Edo
Due DiligenceUkiyo-e Censor Seal: Aratame 1859 Goat 6th Mo. (改未六). More info at www.japanesepotterymarks.info/censor_seals.php#ref1859_Goat

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