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Vintage Japanese DONABE Earthenware Pot with 5 Bowls. (Mitsukoshi, Santo Toki).

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Donabe were earthenware pots used over an open flame and ovens. Generally, they were glazed on the inside and porous on the outside. Properly treated many donabes have lasted for decades. "Whenever one obtains a new donabe," an expert advised, "one should let the donabe boil water for hours and dry before using it for cooking." However, others suggest the user should simply fill the donabe with water and let it sit overnight. See "Donabe". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-09-16.

Reference Number1377
Item ConditionPre-owned but unused. No cracks or chips. Please see detailed pictures.
Pottery KilnSanto Toki
Trading CompanyMitsukoshi
MerchandiseDonabe Earthenware Pots
Subject MatterFloral Patterns
Original Box/PackagingNot included.
Measure 1Dimensions, donabe pot without lide:3" (height) x 11.5" (length with handles) x 10" (width)
Measure 2Dimensions, bowls: 1.5" (height) x 5" (length) x 4.75" (width)
Total Weight 7 lbs 9 oz
Notes三越 (Mitsukoshi)陶 (tou - pottery) Santo Toki

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