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Hanging Scroll Tapestry 1965 Calendar Nikko National Park

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Imagining four famous sites from Nikko National Park, the artisans skillfully created this memento, which were sold to American military personnel stationed in Japan. The majestic Kegon Falls gushes down, forcing the Daiya River to flow vigorously. In Japan, the red bridge represents the crossing from the physical to the spiritual world. Accordingly, the red Shinkyo Bridge arches over the river, leading people to the Yomeimon Gate, entrance to the serene Nikko Tosho-gu Shinto Shrine.

Requiring skilled craftsmanship, the tapestry had intrinsic value well beyond its practical usefulness as a calendar. Apparently, however, many people were throwing them away at year-end. Consequently, the tapestry calendars would later include a stitched message, saying, "Rememberâ

Reference Number1483
Item ConditionPre-owned in good condition. Some stains on lower portion of calendar. Image has no stains. No rips. Please see pictures.
Craft MediaTapestry
Subject MatterBuddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines
Measure 123" (lenght) 12" (width)
Total Weight3 oz
Image TypeTapestry

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