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Paint-It-Yourself Japanese Furin Wind Chime With Tanzaku Wishing Message Slip

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A furin is a small Japanese wind chime, which is traditionally hung from the eaves of a house during the summer. It has the shape of a bell with the clapper in the center of the chime. A strip of paper, called the tanzaku, hangs from the clapper. The tanzaku may contain a blessing, or people can write their own wishes. When the wind blows, the tanzaku causes the clapper to strike the sides of the chime, thus making the furin toll. Japanese people enjoy that furin changes the wind into sound. See "The Furin, poetic charm for the summer season". Hiroshima Interpreter & Guide Association. Retrieved 2016-08-13.

Reference Number1523
Item ConditionNew
Trading CompanyDaiso
Craft MediaGlass Working
MerchandiseWind Chimes
Subject MatterSeasons
Original Box/PackagingIncluded.
Measure 13" (height) x 3.25" (diameter)
Total Weight2 oz

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