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Miniature Byoubu Japanese Folding Screen - Ogata Korin - Tomokazu Kurashima

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Tomokazu Kurashima was born and raised in Kyoto. Using washi byobu (Japanese parchment especially made for use in byobu folding screens) he creates miniature screens in his Kyoto studio. The drawing is this item is a combination of print, sumi black ink and gold leaf. The original painting in this item was by Ogata Korin (1658 – 1716) titled "Red and White Plum Blossoms."

Reference Number1615
Item ConditionNone provided.
ThemeJapanese Artists
ArtistOgata Korin
CraftpersonKurashima Tomokazu
MerchandiseJapanese Folding Screen
Measure 19" (height) x 20"
Total Weight9 oz
Image TypeA combination of print and color, to reproduce a picture with depth.

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