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"WINTER" Chinese Landscape: Silk Painting, Color Ink Wash, Literati, Glass Frame

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Silk painting involves applying colored pigment to silk cloth. Because pigments spread freely when applied to silk, the artist relies less on brushes and more on creating boundaries for the pigment through the use of a resist. Gutta (a rubbery cement) and water-based resists are popular for sketching the outlines of designs on the silk. Once the outlines have dried, dyes are applied to the silk that spread up to the resist borders. Alternatively, the silk surface may be primed to reduce the dyes' ability to bleed. In this way silk painting differs to painting on cotton canvas or paper. The artist needs not only to consider the placement of pigment but also control its movement. See "Chinese Silk Painting: Its History and Spread to the West". Art Of Silk. Retrieved 2016-08-16.

Reference Number1651
Item ConditionNone provided.
Art MediaSilk Painting
Art TermLiterati Painting
Subject MatterChinese Landscape
Measure 1Frame: 21" (height) x 11" (width)
Measure 2Matte Window: 14" x 7.5"
Total Weight2 lbs 9 oz

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