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Vintage Mounted Silk Painting, Shan Shui Mountain Water, Color Ink Wash

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Shan shui (Chinese: 山水 "mountain-water") refers to a style of traditional Chinese painting that involves or depicts scenery or natural landscapes, using a brush and ink rather than more conventional paints. Mountains, rivers and often waterfalls are prominent in this art form. Shan shui paintings involve a complicated and rigorous set of almost mystical requirements for balance, composition, and form. All shan shui paintings should have 3 basic components:

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Reference Number1730
Item ConditionPre-owned in very good condition. Please see pictures.
Art MediaSilk Painting
Subject MatterChinese Landscape
Measure 1frame 16" x 18.5"
Measure 2image 12" x 16.5"

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