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Today is Saturday April 20, 2019

News In Japan Time Warp. Each day, providing headlines and snippets from old newspaper articles about Japan.

In The News 38 Years Ago
April 20, 1981

LEGISLATOR WARNS OF CAR QUOTAS. (NYT) If President Reagan decides not to ask the Japanese to restrain their auto exports to the United States voluntarily, Congress would mandate trade quotas "just as soon as we get the budget out of the way," the House Budget Committee chairman, Representative James R. Jones, said today. Meanwhile, lobbyists for and against restraints were stepping up their campaigns. The United Automobile Workers president, Douglas A. Fraser, addressing a union legislative congress here last night, called for a Washington demonstration by auto workers and a possible strike if the Administration failed to choose trade restraints. In the opposing camp a group of nine federations of importers, consumers and farmers sent a telegram to all Cabinet members warning that restraints would "jeopardize exports, penalize consumers and in general retard growth of the United States economy." Divisions Mirrored in Congress

JAPAN HINTS AT ITS PLANS. (NYT) The Japanese Government may have to use legal powers to force cutbacks in auto exports to the United States, a top Goverment official indicated today in testimony before a parliamentary committee. Rokusuke Tanaka, Minister of International Trade and Industry, had said that he favored voluntary curbs on exports. But he appeared to change his position after William French Smith, the United States Attorney General, warned that such an agreement could be jeopardized by private antitrust suits in the United States.

ISLANDERS FIGHT JAPAN'S PLAN TO DUMP ATOM WASTE. (NYT) Micronesian governments and antinuclear activists believe that they have succeeded in halting, at least for this year, a plan by the Japanese to dump radioactive waste from their 21 nuclear reactors into the Pacific, north of the Mariana Islands.

SHIPBUILDING EXPANDS IN JAPAN. (NYT) Japan escaped a global decline in shipbuilding last year to capture almost half the world market, while the United States fell to third place among shipbuilding nations behind Brazil, Lloyd's Register of Shipping reported today.

WEEKENDER GUIDE; TOP JAPANESE CAMERMAN. (NYT) The cinematographer for such Japanese film classics as "Rashomon," "Ugetsu," "Yojimbo," "Street of Shame" and "Tokyo Olympiad" is Kazuo Miyagawa. Beginning tonight, 27 of his films will be screened on weekends through May 10 in a retrospective at Japan House, 333 East 47th Street, near First Avenue. All are in Japanese with English subtitles. Mr. Miyagawa will attend screenings this weekend. Tonight at 7:30 o'clock, he will introduce his last complete film, "The Ballad of Orin" (1977). Tomorrow at 2 P.M., he will introduce "Rashomon" (1950) and "Ugetsu" (1953) and talk about his association with the directors Akira Kurosawa and Kenji Mizoguchi. Sunday at 2 P.M., before the screening of "Floating Weeds," Mr. Miyagawa will discuss that film, with slides. Admission, $3.50.

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