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Today is Saturday April 21, 2018

News In Japan Time Warp. Each day, providing headlines and snippets from old newspaper articles about Japan.

In The News 150 Years Ago
April 21, 1868

(NYT) Progress of the Civil War-The Tycoon in Flight-Reported Departure of Foreigners from the New Free Ports
     London-the latest advices from Shanghae state that the civil war in Japan has resulted in the defeat of the Tycoon, who, after a disastrous battle with the combined forces of the Daimios, fled to Jedd.
     The Government of the Mikado has addressed a note to the Foreign Ministers in Japan, in which it pledges itself to a faithful observance of the treaties which have been concluded.
     It was reported that a vessel of war, said to be either French or American, had been fired upon by the Japanese. ("New York Times". March 21, 1868. p 1.)

Female Spy System Is At Variance With Moral Pretensions and Genius of the American People. (NYT) Our social ideas as a people lead us to think that spy system of Japan or France, or any other despotism, a very base one, and quite unworthy of a free people. No doubt our "detective" organization are not of that class exactly. But it excites a very disagreeable feeling to think that a society of women exists in this country for the discovery of crimes, conspiracies and such things.

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