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Ogata Korin

尾形光琳 (Ogata Kōrin)

Ogata Kōrin (尾形光琳, 1658 – June 2, 1716) was a Japanese painter of the Rinpa school. Kōrin broke away from all tradition and developed a very original and distinctive style of his own, both in painting and in the decoration of lacquer. The characteristic of this is a bold impressionism, which is expressed in few and simple highly idealized forms, with an absolute disregard for naturalism and the usual conventions. In lacquer, Kōrin's use of white metals and of mother-of-pearl is notable; but here he followed Honami Kōetsu. See "Ogata Kōrin". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2016-07-14.

Miniature Byoubu Japanese Folding Screen - Ogata Korin - Tomokazu Kurashima

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