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Ooba Masao

大場正男 (Ōba Masao)

Masao Ohba (大場正男 or OBA Masao, 1928-2008) was born in Fukushima, Japan. He is internationally known as a printmaker, ex libris and bookplate artist. In 1998 he exhibited at the 17th Biennale of Contemporary Ex Libris in Malbork, Poland where he was awarded a first prize. The artist's prints are playful and colorful images of birds, animals and humans based in Japanese folk art tradition. Masao Ohba uses a special paperscreen printing technique. See "Masao Ohba, born 1928". artlino: Japanese Prints. Retrieved 2016-08-06.

"Paper screen prints is a modern printing technique born in Japan, and developed in Japan... I've used this technique for over 40 years. I liken my art to creating music with a rhythm of developing anticipations, cherishing the pureness of heart and beauty of life." -- Masao Ohba Biography

See "大場正男(おおばまさお)OBA Masao". Hanganet: Prints Arts Knowledge Base. Retrieved 2016-08-06.

Masao Ohba (Oba, Ooba), Framed Unglazed Paperscreen Print, "Shoujyo (Girl)"

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