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Salt & Pepper Shakers

ソルト&ペッパーシェーカー (Soruto & peppā shēkā)

Vintage Hand Painted Porcelain Garden Geisha Salt Pepper Shaker Made In Japan
2pc VTG 3" Crackle Glazed Hand Painted Oranda Bagpipe Boy Salt Shakers (Japan)
2pc VTG 3" Crackle Glazed Porcelain Hand Painted Dutch Girl Salt Shakers (Japan)
Vintage Hand Painted House Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers (Made In Japan)
2 pc NIPPON: 2.5" Hand Painted Porcelain Salt Shaker (Made In Japan, 1891-1921)
Vintage UCAGCO China: 4" Colonial Man Figurine Salt Shaker. [Hand Painted Japan]
5" Hand Painted Porcelain Salt Pepper Shaker by SHAFFORD CHINA (Made In Japan)
William Rogers Silverplate Swans Salt & Pepper Sets [Made In Japan]
Vintage Del Coronado Nasco Salt and Pepper Shakers (Made In Japan)
Vintage 3.5" Man with Lantern One-piece Salt & Pepper Shaker (Made In Japan)

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