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Oda Masuzo

小田益 (Oda Masuzō)

Masuzo Oda is a Kyo-toh Ningyo creator famous for refining his skills by incorporating the techniques of the Nanga school of Japanese painting of the late Edo Period (1603-1867), which was popular among intellectuals of the time. His dollmaking studio in the city's Yamashina Ward, Odamasu Ningyo Kobo, offers a wide variety of ceramic dolls and bells. In particular, his dolls have one thing in common: They are not too fancy and express the simple beauty of Japanese women in a refined manner. Oda was named a "contemporary master craftsman" by the labor ministry in 2005. See Choi Chae-soo. "OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: Odamasu's ceramic dolls represent essence of Japanese female beauty". The Asahi Shimbun. 2014-04-05. Retrieved 2014-05-04.

2 Small Japanese Clay Kyoto Ceramics: Rabbit Suzu Bell Dolls (Oda Masuzo Work)
Two Small (2.5") Japanese Clay Kyoto Ceramic Ware Hina Dolls (Oda Masuzo Work)

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