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Hakata Dolls

博多人形 (Hakata Ningyō)

Hakata dolls, named after the Fukuoka region of Japan, are unglazed ceramic dolls that date from the 17th century. Hakata dolls are distinctive in that they are made of clay rather than kaolin, and are fired at a lower temperature than porcelain. As a result the surface of Hakata dolls is soft and unglazed. See "Ceramic Hakata Doll Painting Demo". Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta. Retrieved 2014-11-02.

8" Genuine Japanese Hakata Doll Girl Wearing Kimono Plays Ayatori String Figure
Genuine 14" Japanese Hakata Doll Bijin Beauty (Hatakat Association Seal
Authentic 5" Japanese Hakata Doll. Work by Takumi Goro (Celebration, Warabe)

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