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Ikkanbari Lacquered Paper-mache

一閑張 (Ikkanbari)

Ikkanbari or lacquered paper-mache refers to a traditional Japanese craft or its process. In the old days, it was made by farmers on the off-season. Ikkanbari are known for their durabilty. The craftsman forms the item's shape by skillfully applying Japanese washi paper to bamboo (or other wood). Once shaped, the craftsman applies lacquer and/or persimmon juice to waterproof and color the item. See Video Masami Matsuo. "Ikkan-Bari (Lacquer papier-mache) from Aizu region of Fukushima prefecture". YouTube. Retrieved 2014-11-02.

Hand Made Japanese 8" LACQUERED PAPER MACHE (IKKANBARI) Ikebana Flower Basket
IKKANBARI (Japanese Traditional Laquered Paper-Mache): 5pc Hand Crafted Coasters

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