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印伝 (Inden)

Inden is a deerskin craft with four hundred years tradition. Deerskin was originally used to make certain parts of samurai armor, due to its softness, lightness, flexibility and strength. Koshu-Inden, lacquered deerskin made in koshu (present Yamanashi), was founded by Uehara Yushichi, whose name has been handed down for 13 generations. Inden goods are made of deerskin processed in a special technique. The deerskin is tanned, dyed and silksceened with colorful lacquers in contemporary and traditional patterns. Among Inden goods are purses, wallets, belts, handbags, shoulder bags and various other kinds of accessories. Inden goods are not only beautiful Japanese tradition but they also last for long time since these techniques were originally used to harden samurai armor parts. See "Inden-Japanese Deerskin Craft". Nihon Ichiban. Retrieved 2015-01-07.

Used Japanese 3" INDEN Lacquered Deerskin Leather Coin Purse - Hato Hasi Snap

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