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Japanese Clay Dolls

土人形 (Tsuchi ningyō)

Clay dolls (tsuchi ningyo) have been a part of Japanese culture since ancient times. A fine particle pigment (doroenogu) coloring is often painted over the chalk-coated, unglazed, low-fired ceramic. See "土人形 Tsuchi Ningyo". ウイキペデイヤ Wikipedia Japan. Retrieved 2014-02.

Japanese Ceramics Clay Doll (Tsuchi Ningyo) Kotohira Shrine - Friends Girls
4" Traditional Japanese Imperial Palace Gosho Clay Child Doll
Vintage 4" Japanese Clay Doll from Hakone, Japan: Blue Horse Suzu Bell
2 Small Japanese Clay Kyoto Ceramics: Rabbit Suzu Bell Dolls (Oda Masuzo Work)
Two Small (2.5") Japanese Clay Kyoto Ceramic Ware Hina Dolls (Oda Masuzo Work)
4" Japanese White Clay Doll-Zodiac DOG Doll Suzu Bell-Yakushi Kiln (chipped)
3" Japanese White Clay Doll-Zodiac Tiger Doll Suzu Bell-Yakushi Kiln (chipped)
Vintage 3" Japanese White Clay Suzu Bell. Good Fortune Horse Doll
Vintage Small 2" Japanese Clay Doll (Tsuchi Ningyo): Hina (Empress) Suzu Bell
3" Japanese Hand Painted Unglazed Ceramic INOSHISHI BOAR Bell SUZU Made In Japan
3" KOITO BAKED POTTERY shaped as Japanese Bell (Suzu) w/ Mask (Made In Japan)

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