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Kyo-Osana Dolls

京おさな人形 (Kyō osana ningyō)

Originally, the Kyo-osana Japanese dolls were created out of the dollmaker's vision of dolls that were heart-warming. Accordingly, they exemplify the traditional Japanese preference for dolls that represent the purity and innocence of children. The crafts person created the body using a special soft composite that has the appearance of clay or porcelain. The clothes are fitted to the dolls -- the bagginess adding to the sense of reality. See "オオイケ初の和人形 Oike's First Japanese Doll". オオイケヒストリカルミュージアム Oike Historical Museum. Retrieved 2014-11-03.

Two 9" Japanese Kyo-Osana (Kyoto Children) Dolls: Boy and Girl In Kimono

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