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Metal Working

金属細工 (Kinzoku-zaiku)

Metals have been widely used in Japan since the Yayoi period (about 300 BC - AD 300), when bronze and iron were introduced from Han Dynasty China. Iron was used to make tools and weapons. The Kofun period (about AD 300-7th century) saw great technological advances. Japan had plentiful supplies of copper, and gold was discovered in 749. The mercury amalgam method was used to gild copper plate used to decorate horse trappings. The making of weaponry and armour, especially swords, developed into a highly-skilled and respected craft over the following centuries. Buddhism was the dominant influence in the arts of the mid-sixth to tenth centuries. Bronze sculptures in the Chinese tradition were the norm, such as the famous Great Buddha of the Todaiji Temple in Nara (eighth century). Later, bronze was gradually replaced by wood, though smaller bronze pieces were still made throughout the medieval period and into the Edo period (1600-1868). During the Meiji era (1868-1912), swordsmiths and armourers adapted their ironworking skills, making articulated animal ornaments and even ornate flower vases. See "Japanese metalwork". The British Museum Website. Retrieved 2014-06-14.

2 Tiny Japanese Beckoning Lucky Cats Maneki Neko Amulet From Saijo Inari Temple
Vintage Brass Candlestick Holder Made In India 3.5" x 7.25"
Vintage Silver Plated Cat Ring Holder. Made in Hong Kong
Vintage KAY-CEE AUTOMATIC LIGHTER JAPAN Pocket Lighter Advertise Iowa State Traveler
Vintage CONTINENTAL JAPAN Pocket Lighter Advertise For OASIS Menthol Cigarettes
Vintage 1950's RONSON "Standard" Pocket Lighter USPat.19023 (USA)
Vintage Mr Bartender Chrome Jigger Pour Stopper Spout With Box
Vintage 3" PILCHER Compact Gold Plate on Silver Finish Hawaii Map
Pair Asian Brass Foo Dogs (Guardian Lion) 3.5" Candle Holders
Vintage Sterling Cufflinks Japanese Badge With Flower
Vintage Sterling Cufflinks Leaves
Vintage Sterling Cufflinks Japanese Male Noh Masks
Vintage Cufflinks Japanese Okina Noh Mask 1/20 12kt Gold Filled
4" Small Japanese Black Cast Iron Bell With Handle (Nice Fuurin Sound)
2 Japanese JUTTE on Wood Display [15.5", Kendo, Samurai, Japan]
15" LIFE-SIZE Japanese Cast Iron Samurai KABUTO Helmet (For Display) w/ Undermat
SMALL DISPLAY KABUTO: 7" Japanese Cast Iron Samurai Helmet With Undermat
20" Japanese Samurai Katana Short Sword (Use for Display)
William Rogers Silverplate Swans Salt & Pepper Sets [Made In Japan]

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