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Chokin Metal Engraving

彫金 (Chōkin)

Chokin art has a long standing history in the Japanese culture. During the 12th century, Japanese chokin artists used this art to decorate the armor, weapons and other military supplies of notable samurai. Chokin artists also decorated shrines using this method. Chokin designs range from scenes of fierce dragons to those of gentle blossoms. Since it is a traditional Japanese art form, chokin art always depicts images considered native to Japanese culture. See Caitlynn Lowe. "What Is Chokin Art?". ehow.com. 2014-04-05. Retrieved 2014-05-24.

Vintage 3.5" Small Japanese Etched Metal CHOKIN Vase With Flower & Bird
AVON 3.75" IMARI TREASURE CACHE Lacquered Trinket Box with Chokin Design (1986)
9" CHOKIN (Japanese Etching) Art Deco Plates by NAOHISA HORI (Fall Season) 1985
Vintage 2 Blade Folding Pocket Knife & Money Clip w/ Mt. Fuji / Pagoda

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