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Rantai Lacquerware

籃胎漆器 (Rantaishikki)

Rantai lacquer ware is the traditional lacquer ware made in Kurume City, Fukuoka Pref. In Rantai lacquer ware, lacquer is applied many times to a bamboo basket. Then the lacquered basket is polished up and given decorations to finish. The word "rantai" literally means the lacquer ware which has a bamboo basket inside. The technique of making such lacquer ware was already seen in the excavated articles of the Jomon period, but the present style of making Rantai lacquer ware was established in the early Meiji period, and it is said that the name "Rantai" began to be used since the middle of the Meiji period. This lacquer ware is elegant and light in weight, but lasting and acid / alkaline resistant. It increases its beauty and takes on refined taste as you use it longer. At the present this lacquer ware is produced only in Kyushu District. See "Rantai Lacquer Ware". Nippon-Kichi. Retrieved 2014-11-02.

15" RANTAI Style Lacquered Bamboo Knitted Tray

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