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Wood Carving

木彫り (Kibori)

Walking Stick/Cane - Carved Bamboo, Japan, Early Meiji Period
Vintage Hand Carved Wood Trinket Box With Monk Mountains (4"x8"x4")
3" Hand Carved Wood Budai (Hotei) Laughing Buddha
Mingeihin Japan's Folk Art: 7" Japanese KIJI-GURUMA (Pheasant Car) from Kumamoto
Japan's Folk Art (Mingeihin): 5" MIHARU-GOMA. Wooden Horses for Healthy Children
3" Japanese Hand Made Wooden Pigeon Whistle (HATO-BUE)  (Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan)
Mingeihin Japan's Folk Art: 7" Japanese SHIRAKABA (WHITE BIRCH) WOODEN GIRL DOLL
Antique Japanese Carved Wood Seated Buddha
Antique Japanese Carved Round Box

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