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Okinawan Bingata Fabric-Dyeing

紅型 (Bingata)

Bingata (紅型, literally "red style") is an Okinawan traditional resist dyed cloth, made using stencils and other methods. It is generally brightly colored and features various patterns, usually depicting natural subjects such as fish, water, and flowers. Bingata is worn during traditional Ryūkyū arts performances and historical reenactments. Bingata dates from the Ryūkyū Kingdom period (c. 14th century), when the island of Okinawa experienced an influx of foreign goods and manufacturing techniques. It is believed to have developed as a synthesis of Indian, Chinese, and Javanese dying processes. See "Bingata". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2016-07-28.

Okinawa Bingata Resist-Dyed Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth (Shuri, Hibiscus)

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