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Moriage Pottery

盛り上げ 陶器 (Moriage tōki)

Moriage is a special type of raised decoration used on some Japanese pottery. Sometimes pieces of clay were shaped by hand and applied to the item; sometimes the clay was squeezed from a tube in the way we apply cake frosting. One type of moriage is called Dragonware by collectors. Moriage pieces were often unmarked and were known for their highly stylized decorations and gilding. See "Moriage". Kovels. Retrieved 2015-11-20.

Vintage Noritake Japan 5" Hand-Painted Moriage Double-Handled Bowl (c.1921-1924)
3" SHOFU CHINA Vintage Small Moriage Dragon Ash Tray (Kyoto)
Antique 4.5" Japanese Porcelain Teapot with Ceramic Strainer (Unsigned)
NIPPON: Noritake 5" Vase w/ Baby swan swimming on lake
NIPPON (1891-1921): NORITAKE 9" Vase w/Exaggerated Leaves & Flowers (Japan)

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