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Takahashi Rakusai

高橋楽斎 (Takahashi Rakusai)

In 1940, Takahashi Rakusai III began production of yakishime (high-fired, unglazed stoneware) in the early Shigaraki style. Over the years, Rakusai kiln developed its personal style. A highly prized aspect of the ware is the so-called 'three landscapes' effect (mitsu no keshiki), with "fire color" (hi-iro), scorch markings (koge), and vitrified glass (bidoro), as well as the explosive bursts of pegmatite particles on the surface (ishihaze) at temperatures of over 2372 degrees F (1300 degrees C). Today, the Rakusai Kiln (楽斎窯, らくさいがま, Rakusaigama) is run by Takahashi Rakusai V (高橋楽斎). Through several generations, the kiln has recieved numerous honors and awards. See "高橋楽齋プロフィール Takahashi Rakusai Profile". しがらきアートの学び舎. Retrieved 2014-11-01.

7" Japanese Rectagular SHIGARAKI Ceramic Plate by TAKAHASHI RAKUSAI

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