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山徳/ヤマトク (Yamatoku)

The Yamatoku Kiln was named after Yamaguchi Tokuichi (i.e., Yama & Toku), who was instrumental in the expansion of the kiln during the early Meiji Era. The kiln produced ceramics in the traditional Nabeshima Arita Style, which mainly developed under Lord Katsushige Nabeshima, whom in 1628 build a clan kiln that successfully produced the first Japanese white porcelain and celedon. Generation after generation, to this day, the Yamatoku kiln has taken on the endeared Yamatoku name. During WWII, the company did briefly changed its name to "Saga Tojiki (Saga Pottery)," which primarily made military amunitions. However, in 1942, when the company was incorporated, it retuned to the name "Yamatoku." Surviving in the pottery business was not easy, and the company made many creative items, adapting to the environment. For example, during the 90s, the company teamed up with Matsushita Electrics to make ceramic plated clocks, which was a very poplular gift item. More recently, Yamatoku has been developing products centered around its patented titanium coating technology. However, through it all, Yamatoku has continued to create ceramic goods according to the traditional Nabeshima/Arita style. See "有田 山徳窯の歩み History of Arita Yamatoku". 有田 山徳窯 (Arita Yamatoku). Retrieved 2015-05-19.

YAMATOKU 1920s Arita Nabeshima Style Polychrome 12.5" Japanese Phoenix Charger
YAMATOKU Kiln Arita Nabeshima Japanese Style Polychrome 12.5" Charger (c. 1950)

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