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Imaemon Kiln

今泉今右衛門窯 (Imaizumigama)

IMAIZUMI IMAEMON XIII (1926-2001), the 13th in Japan's famed Imaemon family of potters, had kept the secret of his family's artistic legacy for all of his 75 years. The art form, known as Imari, dates back 400 years, when Imaemon's ancestors produced pottery for elite members of the Tokugawa Shogunate and other feudal royalty. Imaemon was named "Ningen Kokuho," a living national treasure, by the Japanese government in 1989 (one of just 43 people who held the distinction). He was credited with having modernized Imari, in which blue or gray underglazes and thin overglazes finish pieces of delicate porcelain. See Timothy Ruel. "The Beauty of Imari". Star-Bulletin. 2000-02-24. Retrieved 2014-10-28.

13th Imaemon Imaizumi Nabeshima (Japan's Living National Treasure) 6" Imari

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