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香道 (Kōdō)

Kōdō (香道, "Way of Fragrance") is the art of appreciating Chinese and Japanese incense which originated from ancient China, Japanese incense ceremony involves using incense within a structure of codified conduct. Kōdō includes all aspects of the incense process, from the tools (香道具 kōdōgu), to activities such the incense-comparing games kumikō (組香) and genjikō (源氏香). Kōdō is counted as one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement, along with kadō for flower arrangement, and chadō for tea and the tea ceremony. See "Kōdō". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2015-11-24.

VINTAGE Hand Painted TOKANABE Incense Burner Made In Japan c.1930 (Chipped)

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