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Akahada Earthenware

赤膚焼 (Akahadayaki)

Akahada-yaki is probably the most famous traditional folk art in Nara City. The whole Akahada area has a large deposit of good quality clay which contains a considerable amount of Red Iron Oxide. "Akahada-yama" literally means "mountain of red clay showing on the surface of a hill". According to ancient texts, the red hillside of Akahada-yama could be seen from The Heijo, which was the capital of Japan around 1300 years ago. Several ceramic utensils from the ruins of former Imperial Heijokyu (Heijo Palace) were an exact match to ones that were found in the Akahada area.

Nara-E is the traditional designed which decorate on the surface of akahada-pottery by hand painting.See "History of Akahada Yama-Motogama". Akahada Yama-Motogama. Retrieved 2015-11-09.

3 Japanese Hand Painted Akahada Red Clay Ware 1.5" Guinomi Sake Cups (Nara)

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