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Satsuma Earthenware

薩摩焼 (Satsumayaki)

Satsuma ware, sometimes referred to as "Satsuma porcelain," is a type of Japanese earthenware pottery. It originated in the late 16th century, during the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and is still produced today. Although the term can be used to describe a variety of types of pottery, the best known type of Satsuma ware has a soft, ivory-colored, crackled glaze with elaborate polychrome and gold decorations. Satsuma ware originated when the Shimazu of the Satsuma domain in southern Kyushu relocated skilled Korean potters after Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Japanese Invasions of Korea to establish a local pottery industry. Later, after display at an international exhibition in Paris in 1867, it proved popular as an export to Europe. See "Satsuma ware". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-04-21.

Vintage Satsuma Hand Painted Tea Set. Mt. Fuji Scene. Serves Six. (c.1912-1926)
2 pc Japanese SATSUMA 4.5" Porcelain Ashtrays (c.1979)
6 Sets of Antique Japanese SATSUMA Cups & Saucers
7" Red Japanese Serving Plate with Peacock

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