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Bizen Stoneware

備前焼 (Bizenyaki)

Bizen ware is a type of Japanese pottery most identifiable by its ironlike hardness, reddish brown color, absence of glaze (though there can be traces of molten ash looking like glaze), and markings resulting from wood-burning kiln firing. Bizen is named after the village of Imbe in Okayama prefecture, formerly known as Bizen province. This artwork is Japan's oldest pottery making technique, introduced in the Heian period. Bizen is one of the six remaining kilns of medieval Japan. See "Bizen ware". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-10-27.

2" Japanese Wabi Sabi Studio Pottery Bizen Style Guinomi Sake Cup
9" Japanese Bizen Ware Cylinder Vase in Wood Box by Shoen Bizen Pottery

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