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Kyoto Ware

京都焼 (Kyōtoyaki)

Kyoto Ware is the ceramics to be produced at kilns in Kyoto. Especially, Kiyomizu Ware is well-known, yet it is just one of various kinds of Kyoto Ware: Awataguchi Ware, Otoba Ware, Kurotani Ware, Omuro Ware, Yasaka Ware and Momoyama Ware. It has a history of 1,200 years. At the Nara era, a monk, Gyoki built his kiln at the Seikan Temple (Higashiyama-ku in Kyoto prefecture) and produced unglazed earthenware. It became famous as "Chawanzaka." See "Kyoto Ware". Japan Pottery Net. Retrieved 2014-05-01.

Vintage 6" Kyoto Clay Girl Doll (Kyosue Ningyo)
Kyoto Tachikichi Tableware 5pc Hand Painted Ceramic Chopstic Rests
Three Japanese KYOTO WARE Hand Painted 5" Bowls by Kouhou Kiln Higashiyama Japan
Two Small (2.5") Japanese Clay Kyoto Ceramic Ware Hina Dolls (Oda Masuzo Work)
Vintage 3" Japanese White Clay Suzu Bell. Good Fortune Horse Doll

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