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Longhi's Restaurant

ロンギーズ レストラン (Rongīzu resutoran)

When Bob Longhi opened Longhi’s at 888 Front Street in Lahaina, Maui in 1976 he created an establishment that had all the elements of his favorite restaurants: great food, great service, and wonderful atmosphere. Thirty-two years later, it is no accident that Longhi’s is one of the most popular and acclaimed restaurants in Hawaii. Bob Longhi developed a plan that worked and stuck with it. Now fans of Longhi’s (and there are many, including Robert Mondavi, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Coburn and Al Michaels) can get the inside story on what makes this special restaurant and it’s charismatic owner so successful. “Longhi’s: Recipes and Reflections From Maui’s Most Opinionated Restaurateur” by Bob and his daughter Gabrielle Longhi, is not a cookbook in the standard sense, but a book about food and philosophy that explains many of the decisions that give Longhi’s it’s unique atmosphere. See "Longhi’s History". Longhi's Website. Retrieved 2016-07-21.

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