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Riken Optical Industry Co., Ltd.

理研光学工業 (Riken kōgaku kōgyō)

The Ricoh Company, Ltd. (株式会社リコー Kabushiki-gaisha Rikō) is a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company, well-known for its cameras and copiers. .It was formed on February 6, 1936 as Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd. to make and market sensitized paper (i.e., photographic paper). In March 1938, its name changed to Riken Optical Co., Ltd. (Riken Kōgaku Kōgyō) and starts production of optical devices and equipment. In 1963, it changed its name to Ricoh Company, Ltd. See "Ricoh Company History". Ricoh Company Website. Retrieved 2015-11-14.

RKK Riken Post War Japanese Miniature Binoculars (1947-1952 Occupied Japan)

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