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漆 (Urushi)

Japanese Ohitsu: Dark Red Lacquered Rice Serving Bowl (Made In Japan)
Japanese 2.75" Meiji Era Lacquered Inro Pillbox Lobster Fishes
5-Piece Japanese Flat Lacquerware Serving Tray. [Wood; Lacquer]
3-piece Nested Lacquer Serving Trays [SREDNICK COLLECTION;Made In Japan;Cranes]
KAMAKURA-BORI Japanese Lacquered Carved Wood: 12" Round Tray With Floral Design
VTG Japanese Small Lacquered Wood Cup, Saucer & Spoon (Fuji Made in Japan)
OCCUPIED JAPAN: Kobayashi Maki-e Lacquered Coaster Set. Eight Coasters w/ Case
AVON 3.75" IMARI TREASURE CACHE Lacquered Trinket Box with Chokin Design (1986)
ZOHIKO Sakura Cherry Blossom Maki-e Lacquered Coaster Set. Six Coasters w/ Case
15" RANTAI Style Lacquered Bamboo Knitted Tray
OCCUPIED JAPAN (1947-1952): MARUNI Metal Base Lacquerware 8 Coasters and 1 Case.
Hand Made Japanese 8" LACQUERED PAPER MACHE (IKKANBARI) Ikebana Flower Basket
IKKANBARI (Japanese Traditional Laquered Paper-Mache): 5pc Hand Crafted Coasters
Japanese Ohitsu: Rice Serving Bowl w/ serving spoon (Made In Japan)
Vintage Japanese Lacquered Jewelry Music Box (Made In Japan, Asian Melody)
Yamada Heiando Japanese Lacquerware 3" Coasters/Plates With Holder
Pair of Japanese Lacquer Rice Bowls, Black and Red.
OCCUPIED JAPAN: 3" Black LACQUER Coaster Set with Container Box (1947-1952)

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