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磁器 (Jiki)

Porcelain is a ceramic material made by heating materials, generally including kaolin, in a kiln to temperatures between 1,200 and 1,400 °C (2,200 and 2,600 °F). The toughness, strength and translucence of porcelain, relative to other types of pottery, arises mainly from vitrification and the formation of the mineral mullite within the body at these high temperatures. Porcelain can informally be referred to as china or fine china in some English-speaking countries, as China was the birthplace of porcelain making. Properties associated with porcelain include low permeability and elasticity; considerable strength, hardness, toughness, whiteness, translucency and resonance; and a high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock. Porcelain has been described as being "completely vitrified, hard, impermeable (even before glazing), white or artificially coloured, translucent (except when of considerable thickness), and resonant." However, the term porcelain lacks a universal definition and has "been applied in a very unsystematic fashion to substances of diverse kinds which have only certain surface-qualities in common". The most common uses of porcelain are for utilitarian wares and artistic objects. It can be difficult to distinguish between stoneware and porcelain because this depends upon how the terms are defined. A useful working definition of porcelain might include a broad range of ceramic wares, including some that could be classified as a stoneware. Porcelain is used to make household wares, decorative items and objects of fine art amongst other things. See "Porcelain". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2015-11-29.

Ichiro Suzuki Mug Cup 2001 Mariners MLB Genuine Merchandise
Decorative Japanese Sometsuke 5.5" Renge Spoon Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove
Vintage NICO Japan Hand Painted 4" Plate Grand Hotel Mackinac Island Michigan
Vintage Koniglich Tettau Germany U.S. Zone 4" Porcelain Saucer Plate (1945-1949)
4.5" Japanese Beckoning Cat Maneki Neko Good Luck Fortune
Japanese Mikawachi Hirado Porclain 4.5" Hand Painted Single Flower Vase
Arita Ware 2" Porcelain Trinket Box by Shikougama Kiln (Arita, Japan)
NIPPON (1891-1921): Noritake 6.5" Hand Painted Decorative Plate (Made In Japan)
Vintage KUTANI Large 12" Hand Painted Iroe Overglaze Enamel Plate
Fitz and Floyd 14" Oval Serving Platter "Coquillier" (Japan)
MIKASA 8" Tea/Coffee Pot 'Continental Silk Flowers' Microwave Safe (Japan)
Vintage Noritake Japan 5" Hand-Painted Moriage Double-Handled Bowl (c.1921-1924)
9.5" Gray Porcelain Vase by Bijyutsu Toki Japan
Vintage 8" Porcelain Cherub Wine Glass
Fitz and Floyd Pair of 3" Hand Painted Pink Tulip Candleholders
Fitz & Floyd Essentials Bunny Blooms 8" Decorative Teapot (Leaking)
Fitz & Floyd Essentials Bunny Blooms Decorative Serving Plate
Vintage 7" Delft Blue White Porcelain Dutch Fisherman Made In Japan
HOMCO 12" White Porcelain Kannon Goddess Of Mercy Figurine
Vintage 1940s NORITAKE TOKI KAISHA Vintage Bonsai Design Cup and Saucer
Vintage 70s NORITAKE 8.5" Salad Plate Larue 6913 Nagoya Japan
Vintage 70s NORITAKE 5.5" Fruit/Dessert (Sauce) Bowl Larue 6913 Nagoya Japan
Vintage 70s NORITAKE 6.5" Bread & Butter Plate Larue 6913 Nagoya Japan
Vintage 70s NORITAKE 10.5" Dinner Plate Larue 6913 Nagoya Japan
Vintage 70s NORITAKE 16" Ex-Large Oval Serving Platter Larue 6913 Nagoya Japan
Vintage 70s NORITAKE Cup & Saucer Larue 6913 Nagoya Japan
4 pcs KORANSHA 5" Iroe Overglazed Hand Painted Porcelain DESSERT PLATES
Vintage KORANSHA 10" Iroe Overglazed Hand Painted Porcelain Dinner Plate
LENOX Classics Santa's Special Delivery Christmas 2000 Annual Ornament
Two Vintage PRINCESS HOUSE Exclusive Fine Porcelain Japan Floral Footed Cups
3.5" Japanese Hakuji White Porcelain Small Leaf Shaped Dish
Harley Davidson 4 EXPRES Mini Fat Boy Mug Shots New In Box
Vintage Hand Painted Porcelain Garden Geisha Salt Pepper Shaker Made In Japan
Two Japanese Maneki Neko: 4" Japanese Lucky Grown Up Cats
3" SHOFU CHINA Vintage Small Moriage Dragon Ash Tray (Kyoto)
LASTING MEMORIES Decorative 6" Grandmother Plate American Greetings 1978 Japan
Vintage IW RICE Japan 4" Yellow Cherub Porcelain Soap Dish
28 pc Vintage CREATIVE FINE CHINA Japan 1014 Platinum Star Burst
Made In Occupied Japan 4" Porcelain Figurine of Boy With Turtle
Made In Occupied Japan 4" Porcelain Figurine of Renaissance Era Girl (TS Stamp)
Vintage Porcelain 6.5 Inch Dutch Boy and Girl Figurines Made In Japan
LASTING MEMORIES Decorative Birthday 6" Plate by American Greetings 1983 Japan
Vintage 7" SANKYO Porcelain Turning Music Box "Theme Song To Love Story" (Japan)
YAMATOKU 1920s Arita Nabeshima Style Polychrome 12.5" Japanese Phoenix Charger
YAMATOKU Kiln Arita Nabeshima Japanese Style Polychrome 12.5" Charger (c. 1950)
PRICE IMPORT JAPAN Porcelain Turning Music Box "Romeo and Juliet Love Theme"
Two Japanese Tea/Sake Cups With Ukiyoe Beauty (Nakagama Japan)
Vintage BEDA "November Chrysanthemum Angel" Masquerade Figurine Made in Japan
Vintage 1950's YONA "Say Your Prayers" Angel Figurine Made in Japan
KORANSHA 9" Bulb Vase Hand Painted Blue Orchid
NORITAKE 5 Piece Place Setting (LARUE 6913, Made In Japan, 1969-1979)
Three Japanese KYOTO WARE Hand Painted 5" Bowls by Kouhou Kiln Higashiyama Japan
Vintage 1960s NORITAKE 10.5" Dinner Plate "Fragrance" Pattern 7025 Japan
Pair of SEIZAN Kiln ARITA Ware Hand Painted Plover Bird 2.5" Ceramic Wine Cups
Vintage Royal Duchess Mountain Bell 4.7" Saucer Fine China Bavaria Germany
Brown & Richie Ltd Oriental Gardens 6" Crackle Glazed Transferware Bowl (Japan)
Three Japanese Hirado Bowl HP Imperial Seal Of Japan (Fukagawa Seiji, Koransha)
Daiso 3" Gold Color Porcelain MANEKI NEKO Good Fortune! Ten million gold coins!
Vintage 5" Glazed Porcelain Hand Painted Art Deco Ashtray Made In Japan
Vintage Lefton Baby Girl Holding Puppy Dog Figurine Planter Trinket Box
Vintage Japan Airlines (JAL) Porcelain Trinket [Powder, Made in Japan]
Vintage 3.5" Playing Cats Porcelain Figurines [Made In Japan]
Six-Piece Tea/Coffee Set by NORITAKE
Sake Set: 1 bottle w/spout, 2 flat cup, Made In Japan, Suizan Kiln, Hand Painted
OCCUPIED JAPAN:SAJI Fancy China, Yellow Teacup & Saucer w/Floral Design
OCCUPIED JAPAN: 4" Porcelain Swan [Brown Wings Extended, Aqua Body]
OCCUPIED JAPAN: 2 Miniature Porcelain Elephant Figurines
OAC OKURA Demitasse Cup And Saucer [Made In Japan, White, Gold Trim, No Decals]
Noritake, Fine China, Linton Pattern 7552 set 11 pcs (4 cups, 4 saucers, et al.)
NORITAKE Vintage Tea/Coffee Set (Noritake Nippon Kaisha, Komaru Mark in Wreath)
Noritake Japan, Bone China, Studio Collection Pattern 9849 [6 cups, 6 saucers]
Kutani Japanese Tea Set: Black & Gold Hand Painted. [1 pot & 6 cups]
A Coffee Pot by NORITAKE
3.5" Vintage Made in Japan Ceramic Figurine: Girl and dog.
2pc Aladdin Fine China Teacup and Saucer [Made In Japan, Floral, Roses]
Vintage Made in Occupied Japan: 6" Porcelain Vase, Geisha w/ Green Background
Imari  18" Large Oval Japanese Serving Platter / Stencil Phoenix & Floral Design
Vintage SHIBATA GAKUZAN Porcelain Nabeshima Ware 10" IMARI VASE With Wood Box
Five 2" TOBE Style Mingei Japanese Pottery CHOKO Sake Cups by Sagawa Ceramics
Two Japanese Hand Painted Porcelain 2" Tea Cups
Two Japanese ARITA Style SOMETSUKE 3" Porcelain Lidded Tea Cups (Nishizue Kiln)
Vintage KORANSHA Large 12" Colored Iroe Overglaze Enamel Imari Plate (c. 1950s)
5pc Vintage KORANSHA Japanese Ceramics: 1 Large Plate and 4 Small Plates.
Two Vintage OKURA ART CHINA (OAC) Hand Decorated 3.25" Porcelain Cups & Saucers
Two Japanese Cobalt Blue Porcelain 5.25" Vases by Kyouei Kiln
Vintage SONE CHINA Gold White OCCUPIED JAPAN 2.5" Tea Cups (c.1947-1952)
Vintage MEITO CHINA Hand Painted 2" Porcelain Tea Cup (Made In Japan)
Vintage CELEBRATE Red White OCCUPIED JAPAN 2" Tea Cup Saucer (c.1947-1952)
3" NORITAKE Creamer. Made in OCCUPIED JAPAN (1947-1952).
VTG Japanese Hirado Bowl HP Imperial Seal Of Japan (Fukagawa Seiji, Koransha)
HIRADO (MIKAWACHI) Japanese Ceramic: 7" Ashtray by Keisho Kiln (AS IS)
Japanese Imari 6" Porcelain Stackable Trinket/Jewelry Box/Jubako Lunchbox
2pc VTG 3" Crackle Glazed Porcelain Hand Painted Dutch Girl Salt Shakers (Japan)
NORITAKE 11" Dinner Plate (GOLD AND SABLE 9758, Japan, c.1988-2002)
NORITAKE 6" Saucer Only Japan, c.1988-2002)
Vintage KUTANI Style Ceramics. Porcelain Japanese Sake Set: 1 Flask & 4 Cups.
Two Vintage 10.5" Dinner Plates by Three Crown Fine China (Made In Japan)
Vintage 3" Small Arita Style Style Ceramic: Porcelain Japanese Persimmon Trinket
NORITAKE 6.5" Bread & Butter Plate (GOLD AND SABLE 9758, Japan, c.1988-2002)
NORITAKE 8.5" Salad Plate (GOLD AND SABLE 9758, Japan, c.1988-2002)
Vintage Pair of 3.5" Blue and White Porcelain Goblets Made In Japan
Teien Fine China: 3" White Porcelain. Five Demitasse Cups & Leaf Saucer Set.
NORITAKE 13" Oval Serving Platter in the Segovia pattern #2216 (c.1971-1983)
Vintage NORITAKE 12" Oval Serving Platter, Lilybell #5556 (c.1954-63)
Vintage NORITAKE 10" Oval Vegetable Bowl, Lilybell #5556 (c.1954-63)
Vintage NORITAKE 9" Round Covered Vegetable Bowl, Lilybell #5556 (c.1954-63)
Vintage NORITAKE 6" Creamer, Lilybell #5556 (c.1954-63)
Vintage NORITAKE 16" Oval Serving Platter, Lilybell #5556 (c.1954-63)
Vintage NORITAKE 5-Piece Place Setting in LILYBELL Pattern 5556 (c.1954-63)
VTG NORITAKE 8" Gravy Boat With Attached Underplate, Lilybell #5556 (c.1954-63)
Vintage Five KUTANI Porcelain Japanese 2" Sake Cups
VTG PICO CHINA 6" Decorative Plate. Cut Out Edges. Made In Japan.
TAKAHASHI SAN FRANCISCO 6" Porcelain Soap/Lotion Dispenser. Made In Japan.
Vintage 6" Hand Painted Porcelain Bowl. Made In Japan.
Two Vintage 6" Over-glazed HP Kikyo Japanese Bellflower Plates Made In Japan
Vintage 2.5" Cup (No Saucer) Thin Porcelain Cup. Made In Japan Collectible.
5" Saucer (NO CUP) by Imari Fan an I.Magnin Exclusive Arita China Japan
Vintage Inarco Japan 3" Tea Cup (no saucer) E-3141 Flower Cup
Two (2x) 6" Bread & Butter Plate by CREATIVE FINE CHINA (Regency Rose #2345)
NIPPON COLLECTIBLE: 2" Cup Made In Japan around 1911-1921 Exported To U.S.
Christmas Porcelain Toothbrush Holder, Cup, and Soap Tray. (Made In Japan)
Vintage KORANSHA Japanese Sake Set: 1 Flask & 5 Cups. (c. 1965)
Two (2x) 2.25" Footed Porcelain Cups and Saucers by SHOFU CHINA
Five (5x) 2.25" Footed Porcelain Cups. Bella Rose by JAPAN CHINA
2" Cup Made In Japan around 1918 by Morimura (Noritake) Exported To U.S.
NIPPON (1891-1921): 10" Double Handled Overglaze Hand Painted Porcelain Bowl
Vintage NAPCO / NAPCOWARE 5"" Moon & Child Planter (Made In Japan)
OTAGIRI/Gibson Greetings, Inc 5" Oh Little Town In Bethleham Music Box (Japan)
FITZ & FLOYD 5" Hand Painted Porcelain Porky Bank (c.1977, chip on coin hole)
2 Vintage 70s Noritake (Sri Lanka) Contemporary Fine China Cups & Saucers
Five 3" Akita Shiraiwayaki Style Japanese Teacups by Waheegama (Kiln)
NORITAKE 5 Piece Place Setting (GOLD AND SABLE 9758, Made In Japan, c.1988-2002)
NIPPON (1891-1921): Noritake 8" Hand Painted Double Handled Bowl (Made In Japan)
NORITAKE: 4 Footed Demitasse Cup & Saucer Sets (Oradell #588, Japan, c 1933)
NORITAKE 3-Piece Set: 1x Dinner, 1x Salad & 1x Bread Plates [BARRYMORE 9737]
NORITAKE 5-Piece Place Setting in BARRYMORE Pattern 9737
13th Imaemon Imaizumi Nabeshima (Japan's Living National Treasure) 6" Imari
NORITAKE Ivory China: 2 Cups, 2 Saucers & 2 Plates. (Fragrance #7025, Japan)
Vintage 4" Crackle Glazed Hand Painted Toby Jug (Made In Japan)
6.5" ARITA Plate w/ RURI-YU GLAZED European Pictures (Hijiri-yama gama, Japan)
10 pcs NORITAKE Bread & Tea/Coffee Set (GRACEWOOD 4984, Japan, c.1933-1940)
2" Takahashi San Francisco Hand Painted Porcelain Trinket (Chime) Made In Japan
Rare KUTANI Porcelain Daruma (Bodhidharma) Piggy Bank. Symbolize Perseverance!

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