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土器 (Doki)

Earthenware is low-fired pottery that has not been fired to vitrification and is thus permeable to water. Many types of pottery have been made from it from the earliest times, and until the 18th century it was the most common type of pottery outside the far East. Stoneware and porcelain are the other most important types of pottery. See "Earthenware". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2015-11-29.

Japanese Wabi-Sabi Ikebana Small Earthenware Vase With Frog Pinholder
Japanese Kyoto Ware 5.5" Plate 'Autumn Leaves' by Kageyama Tomohiko
Japanese Kasama Style Earthenware Donut-Shaped Sake Warmer Decanter (wabi sabi)
3 Japanese Hand Painted Akahada Red Clay Ware 1.5" Guinomi Sake Cups (Nara)
Japanese Oribe Style Sushi Sashimi Food Plate
Japanese Ceramics Mino Ware 2.5" Matcha Tea Bowl
Vintage 6" Kyoto Clay Girl Doll (Kyosue Ningyo)
Kyoto Tachikichi Tableware 5pc Hand Painted Ceramic Chopstic Rests
1950s Vintage MARUHON WARE 7" Tomato Shaped Lidded Bowl with Bamboo Handle
Daiso 4" Japanese Style Stoneware MANEKI NEKO Lucky Cat! Ten million gold coins!
2" Small White Japanese Beckoning Lucky Cat Maneki Neko (Made In Japan)
Two Japanese Meoto (Husband & Wife / Couple) Yunomi Oribe Ware Tea Cups
Small Japanese 5" Stoneware Round Vase with Decorative Green/Blue Glaze
4pcs Somayaki-Running Horse Jade handled: 2 Tea Cups and 2 Saucers. [Japan]
Maneki Neko: 2" Tiny Black Japanese Beckoning Cat. Attracts good fortune!
Vintage Japanese Crackle Glazed (Kannyu) Ceramic Elephant Figure
Vintage Japanese DONABE Earthenware Pot with 5 Bowls. (Mitsukoshi, Santo Toki).
Vintage Satsuma Hand Painted Tea Set. Mt. Fuji Scene. Serves Six. (c.1912-1926)
VINTAGE Hand Painted TOKANABE Incense Burner Made In Japan c.1930 (Chipped)
Two Japanese Gray Stoneware Sauce Pourer by Ukai Toriyama Cuisine
Vintage 4" Japanese Clay Doll from Hakone, Japan: Blue Horse Suzu Bell
3" Small Blue Water-Dropper/Vase. Kyoto-Kiyomizu Style Ceramics/Hayashiyama Kiln
4 Hand Painted (w/brush&patterns) Ceramic Japanese 7"x 5" Sushi/Sashimi Platters
10" Vintage Japanese Donabe, Earthenware Ceramic Pot Bowl Nabe (Made In Japan)
Antique 3.5" Japanese Red Porcelain Teapot (Unsigned)
Vintage 3" Ceramic Creamer with Deer in Forest (Made In Japan)
6 Sets of Antique Japanese SATSUMA Cups & Saucers
Vintage 3" KASAMA Ceramic Vase / Jar (Made in Japan)

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