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Pocket Lighters

ライター (Poketto Raitā)

Antique 1943 Trench Art Bullet Casing Lighter With British Halfpenny & Farthing
Vintage Zippo Lighter Pat.2517191 (c1950-57) WWII Veteran U.S. Air Force Academy
Vintage KAY-CEE AUTOMATIC LIGHTER JAPAN Pocket Lighter Advertise Iowa State Traveler
Vintage CONTINENTAL JAPAN Pocket Lighter Advertise For OASIS Menthol Cigarettes
Vintage 60's METRO JAPAN 2" Pocket Lighter Advertise For Layne & Bowler Pumps
Vintage 1960's Sarome Butane Gas Cigarette Cigar Lighter JAPAN
Vintage 1950's RONSON "Standard" Pocket Lighter USPat.19023 (USA)
VINTAGE LIGHTER: Continental CMC (Made In Japan)
VINTAGE LIGHTER: Modern H.M.C, Modernlite Automatic Superlighter (Made In Japan)
VINTAGE Zenith (Made In Japan) Lighter advertising "Menthol Fresh Salem"
USAF Soldier's Lighter Made In Japan with Mt. Fuji/Tiger (inc.Tags, Eagle Badge)

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