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クリーマー (Kurīmā)

A creamer is a small pitcher or jug designed for holding cream or milk to be served with tea or coffee in the Western tradition. Creamers can be earthenware or porcelain, but also made of silver or other metals; a creamer is an obligatory part of a coffee or tea set, whether in silver or ceramics. See "Creamer (vessel)". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2015-11-24.

3" NORITAKE Creamer. Made in OCCUPIED JAPAN (1947-1952).
Vintage NORITAKE 6" Creamer, Lilybell #5556 (c.1954-63)
Vintage 3" Ceramic Creamer with Deer in Forest (Made In Japan)
MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN (1947-1952): 2pcs SAJI Fancy China, 2" Creamer & Sugar

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