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Dinner Plates

ディナープレート (Dināpurēto)

Vintage 70s NORITAKE 8.5" Salad Plate Larue 6913 Nagoya Japan
Vintage 70s NORITAKE 10.5" Dinner Plate Larue 6913 Nagoya Japan
Vintage KORANSHA 10" Iroe Overglazed Hand Painted Porcelain Dinner Plate
Vintage 1960s NORITAKE 10.5" Dinner Plate "Fragrance" Pattern 7025 Japan
NORITAKE 11" Dinner Plate (GOLD AND SABLE 9758, Japan, c.1988-2002)
Two Vintage 10.5" Dinner Plates by Three Crown Fine China (Made In Japan)
5 pcs NORITAKE 10" Dinner Plates (GRACEWOOD 4984, Made In Japan, c.1948-1951)

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