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ゴブレット (Goburetto)

The Japanese had known about the chalice for over 400 years. In September 1543 a Portuguese trading ship landed on a small island South of Kyushu. Soon thereafter, Catholic priests brought religious paraphernilias, including the footed chalice. During the Edo Period (1603-1868) foreign trade via ships of the VOC (Vereinigde Oost-Indische Companie, Dutch East India Company) met the demand of paintings and decorative arts in Japan. Even if the objects were made in other parts of the world, they were received as things Oranda (Japanese pronunciation of the Portuguese term for Holland). The so-called "Oranda Shumi (Dutch Taste)" was a boom amongst the welthier Japanese. Exotic shaped cups like the a chalice were popular. See Alexandra Carmen Tamara Harris. "Inspiration and objects of comparison from Europe". The Hakone Goblet. Retrieved 2014-10-14.

Pair of SEIZAN Kiln ARITA Ware Hand Painted Plover Bird 2.5" Ceramic Wine Cups
Vintage Pair of 3.5" Blue and White Porcelain Goblets Made In Japan

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