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Hime Darumas

姫達磨 (Hime daruma)

The Hime Daruma doll used to be called the "Roly-poly Doll of Doogo" (Doogo no Okiagari, Dogo no Okiagari). First it was made of wood but later became a papermachiee doll. In the last days of February at the Spring Festival of the Matsuyama Shrine and the Iyo Hiko-no-Mikoto Shrine this doll has been sold since more than 200 years ago. It is now a talisman for easy delivery and the healthy upbringing of children and getting well after a disease. With her fine features and real hair this doll is the Yokozuna of the Princess Daruma dolls. See "Princess Daruma Dolls from Matsuyama". Daruma Doll Museum. Retrieved 2014-05-10.

Vintage Japanese Princess HIME DARUMA DOLL (Japan, Matsuyama Himedaruma)

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