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急須 (Kyūsu)

Kyusu (急須 kyūsu) is a traditional Japanese teapot mainly used for brewing green tea. The two most common types of kyusu are yokode kyūsu (横手急須 side handle teapot), and ushirode kyūsu (後手急須 rear handle teapot). There are also uwade kyūsu (上手急須 top handle teapot). See "Kyusu". Wikipedia. 2015-11-24.

Antique 3.5" Japanese Red Porcelain Teapot (Unsigned)
Antique 4.5" Japanese Porcelain Teapot with Ceramic Strainer (Unsigned)
3" KORANSHA Japanese Teapot (Made In Japan)
Vintage 6" Blue & White Porcelain Teapot with Wire Handle [Made in Japan]
3" MANEKI NEKO Porcelain Decorative Teapot. Attracts good fortune!

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