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Ochoko Sake Cups

お猪口 (Ochoko)

A more casual drinking cup, the thimble-shaped o-choko came into popularity during the Edo Period (17-19th century) as the popularity of sake spread to the common people. O-choko were traditionally made of earthenware and porcelain. The size of o-choko varies but typically holds only a few sips of sake. Small o-choko are often used to express a sense of empathy since when drinking with others it is not common to pour for oneself. In Japanese custom, the act of repeatedly pouring sake for a friend or guest shows non-selfish concern and is a display of courtesy. See "How To Enjoy Sake". Hokkan Sake. Retrieved 2014-11-06.

Japanese 1.25" Small Hand Shaped Green Glazed Red Clay Guinomi Sake Cup
3 Japanese Hand Painted Akahada Red Clay Ware 1.5" Guinomi Sake Cups (Nara)
2" Japanese Wabi Sabi Studio Pottery Bizen Style Guinomi Sake Cup
Five 2" TOBE Style Mingei Japanese Pottery CHOKO Sake Cups by Sagawa Ceramics
Vintage Five KUTANI Porcelain Japanese 2" Sake Cups

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