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Sakazuki Sake Cups

盃 (Sakazuki)

The oldest sake cup style, the wide-mouthed sakazuki continues to be the ceremonial favorite. Shallow but dramatic, this cup is most formally lifted to the mouth with two hands: one to hold the bottom of the cup and the other to hold it on the side. Available in a number of sizes from the most minute to a large showpiece, the sakazuki most typically holds only a few sips. Sakazuki are often beautifully decorated and usually made from porcelain, earthenware or lacquer but some are available also in gold, silver and glass. See "Sake Cups". Hakushika Sake. Retrieved 2014-11-04.

Vintage Japanese Hand Painted Bamboo and Birds Guinomi Sake Cups (3 pcs)
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Vintage KORANSHA Japanese Sake Set: 1 Flask & 5 Cups. (c. 1965)
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4pc Classic Ozeki Japanese Sake Set [Made In Japan, Blue, 1 bottle & 3 cups]
5pc Japanese Porcelain Hand Painted Sake Set [Made In Japan, 1 bottle & 4 cups]

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