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Sushi Dish

寿司皿 (Sushi sara)

Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨) is a Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice (鮨飯 sushi-meshi) combined with other ingredients (ネタ neta), seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits. Ingredients and forms of sushi presentation vary widely, but the ingredient which all sushi have in common is rice. Sushi can be prepared with either brown or white rice. It is often prepared with raw seafood, but some common varieties of sushi use cooked ingredients or are vegetarian. Raw fish (or occasionally other meat) sliced and served without rice is called "sashimi". Sushi is often served with pickled ginger (ガリ gari), wasabi, and soy sauce. Popular garnishes are often made using daikon. Traditionally, sushi is served on minimalist Japanese-style, geometric, mono- or duo-tone wood or lacquer plates, in keeping with the aesthetic qualities of this cuisine. See "Sushi". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2015-11-29.

Japanese Oribe Style Sushi Sashimi Food Plate
5-Piece Japanese Flat Lacquerware Serving Tray. [Wood; Lacquer]
4 Hand Painted (w/brush&patterns) Ceramic Japanese 7"x 5" Sushi/Sashimi Platters
10" Japanese SUSHI PLATTER: Hand Painted Butterfly In Fused GLASS w/Air Bubbles.

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