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Ginger Jars

生姜の瓶 (Shōga no bin)

Ginger jars are identified by their high-shoulders, rounded shapes, small mouths, and domed lids that often continue the piece’s exterior decoration all the way up to the finial. Though ginger jars were initially used to store and transport spices, hence their name, the containers (which usually lack handles) have been used chiefly as decorative objects since the 19th century, when demand in the West for Chinese antiques spurred the export of these pieces to Europe, as well as the manufacture of copycat jars in pottery centers such as Staffordshire. See "Antique Ginger Jars". Collectors Weekly. 2015-11-24.

Vintage IW RICE 8" Hand Painted Porcelain Lidded Jar/Urn (Made In Japan)

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