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花瓶 (Kabin)

Japanese Wabi-Sabi Ikebana Small Earthenware Vase With Frog Pinholder
29" Large Natural Bamboo Ikebana Vase w/ Copper Holder and Black Lacquer Lining
9.5" Gray Porcelain Vase by Bijyutsu Toki Japan
23" Natural Bamboo Root Ikebana Vase/Planter; Copper Holder, Lacquer Lining
KORANSHA 9" Bulb Vase Hand Painted Blue Orchid
Small Japanese 5" Stoneware Round Vase with Decorative Green/Blue Glaze
Vintage Made in Occupied Japan: 6" Porcelain Vase, Geisha w/ Green Background
Vintage Japanese Ikebana Suiban Black Glazed Ceramic Vase
Vintage 6.5" Japanese Hand Painted Porcelain Gourd Vase (Unsigned, Ikebana)
11" Japanese Porcelain Ikebana Vase w/ Red-Crown Crane TSURU (Made In Japan)
2pc Japanese Bamboo Vases (Ikebana, Wabi Sabi)
9" Japanese Bizen Ware Cylinder Vase in Wood Box by Shoen Bizen Pottery

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