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Philip Henry Dodge

フィリップ・ヘンリー・ダッヂ (Firippu henrī daddji)

Philip Henry Dodge (1859-1921) was an American missionary and sometime poet who spent many years in Japan. The Voice of Kegan Fall and Other Words in Verse and Song (Tokyo: Maruzen, n.d.) is ‘dedicated to the students of Japan’. A commemorative volume celebrating Dodge and his work, Philip Henry Dodge, Message Bearer, with a Collection of his Verses, edited by Colbert Naoya Kurokawa and Laura Cluck Kurokawa, appeared in Tokyo in 1939. See "Philip Henry Dodge". themargins.net. Retrieved 2016-07-26.

PHILIP HENRY DODGE "Message Bearer" Edited by Colbert Naoya Kurokawa

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